A Great First Day

I was up considerably earlier this morning than I usually am on a Sunday (6:30am) and that will probably be the case every Sunday until the marathon.

I made myself eat this morning, even though I’m not really an early morning eater.  A comfortable breakfast for me is sometime around 8:30am when I’ve gotten up at 5:30.  But I wanted class to go as well as possible, so I knew I had to eat.

We started our day with a bit of orientation.  The Executive Director of Run Wild Missoula joined us to help with getting everyone signed in and to speak a little bit about the benefits of being members of the club.  After that we heard from our Co-Directors for the Galloway program.  Both are experienced marathoners and both are volunteers.  It’s easy for me to see how people get so involved with the organization and find themselves in leadership roles. It’s just that sort of a group.

We were once again cautioned against “the terrible toos” which include going too far, going too fast and doing it too soon.  I think there were others, but my memory isn’t that good.  We also discussed safety gear, such as traction for our shoes and lights/reflective gear for our evening runs on Tuesday.  Then our route master explained where we’d be going and surprised me by indicating that our warm-up walk is included in our total distance.  After that, we gathered up into groups and off we went.

I walked down to the river trail with the Back of the Pack crew that you may remember being mentioned in my Introductory post back on 1/5.  Once we got started running, however, I could tell they were a bit too slow for me. I guess I’ve gotten a bit faster since 11/30 when I last ran with the BoPers.  Fortunately, I wasn’t alone in my situation and I fell in with a young lady who just got out of the army and is moving to town to go to the University.  She also happens to be moving into my neighborhood so I may have stumbled right across a running buddy on day one of class.  More than anything, though it was nice to have somebody who matched my pace on the first day.  It’s hard to say if we’ll stay at the same pace over time, I know, but for now it’s nice to know that somebody else run/walk/runs like I do.

After class I got a copy of our training schedule and was very pleased to see that the run on the Sunday of MisCon happens to be a short, 6 mile run.  I told you I was a nerd.  Our training schedule is a slightly shortened version of the one on this page.       Rather than 30 weeks (you’ll see Marathon at week 30, even though the schedule is 32 weeks long), ours is 25 weeks so a few of the increases are a bit more drastic.

After class I caught a ride home with a friend who is also taking the class, but once I got inside I realized I still felt pretty antsy.  I guess a 3 mile run wasn’t enough for me.  So I opted to run to the grocery store near my house (1.4 miles), do my shopping and walk home.  That did the trick.

Nearly all of us stuck to a 30s/30s split for this short little run, as it is currently the split favored by Galloway himself as well as the leaders of our class.  As we go along, we’ll be broken out into pace groups and our splits may change at that point. If you scroll down on this page you can see the recommendations for run/walk ratios based on pace.

That page also explains the “Magic Mile” pretty well and has a built in formula at the bottom that will help compute your projected race pace.  I see 3 magic mile’s listed in our training schedule, the first of which is on 2/26.

If you look at that training schedule again, you’ll see that we do a full 26 miler before the marathon.  Ours is scheduled for June 10th.  I know it won’t be all that intimidating by the time I get there, but right now, it seems pretty far beyond my ability.  I guess that’s the real reason for taking the class and following a plan, when it comes to it.

Only 167 days left to go!

1 thought on “A Great First Day

  1. I’m still laughing about “the terrible toos”… Runners wanna get their fix, adrenaline and endorphins are a powerful combination, and I’d imagine the pull to add just a little more a little sooner is a bit strong. 🙂

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