That Old Black Magic Mile

Our class today had two goals.  We increased our mileage to 5.5 and we ran our first Magic Mile.  We were divided into groups based on previous races or Magic Mile times, and sent off in smaller groups.  Since I didn’t have a previous race time or MM time to use, I was one of the last full marathoners out the door.

We did our usual warm up walk and then did a bit of a run/walk warm-up including a few “gliders” which are new to me.  Once we reached the designated starting point, we switched our timers or watches to stop watches and off we went.  Magic Miles are the only time during our training when we’re allowed to break the “No Huffing and Puffing” rule.  I chose not to go too much faster than usual, because I knew I’d have another 4 miles (roughly) to go for the day, and because I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I think I also slowed down toward the end.  The last quarter mile seemed longer than the previous quarter miles and I think that was partly because the finish was obscured.  I think I slowed down when I wouldn’t have otherwise, because I couldn’t see where the finish was.  Perhaps that is a good thing, though.

I finished my Magic Mile with a time of 10 minutes, 3 seconds.  That’s not all that fast, generally speaking, but it’s actually quite a bit faster than I expected.  I expected to be somewhere between 12 and 15 minutes.  According to the Galloway Race Prediction Formula, that puts me on track for a 5:42:18 marathon time, not allowing for slowdowns related to heat and such.  I’d like to get faster, and I probably will, but honestly I feel pretty good about my MM time and my projected Marathon time right now, given that I just started this journey a little over two months ago and was never any kind of a runner before that.

Our Magic Mile time is also going to be used to put us into pace groups for our training.  I sincerely hope that I’m not in the pace group that I finished my run with, today.  They were doing a 30s walk/60s run split and that was just too darned slow for me, especially given the cold.  Today was the first time that I’ve managed to under-dress for the weather, and boy was I cold.  I am normally very paranoid about over-dressing because I heat up so fast when I run, but today I really could have used another layer, particularly on my arms and hands.  Lesson learned!

I find that I’m actually really looking forward to our next Magic Mile as a way of seeing some improvement.  I’m still feeling really good about all of this and I’m really excited to see where the next 153 days will take me.


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