Core Training: My Enemy, My Friend

My weekly schedule looks like this:  Saturday: Rest day. Sunday: Long run. Tuesday and Thursday, 30-45 minute maintenance runs. Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Core/Cross training.

On those core/cross training days I do 5 sets each of  planks, kneeling push-ups, hammer curls (new!), weighted running arms, and a modified-for-beginners superman.  Until this week I was also doing 5 sets of crunches.  Now I’m doing 3 sets of crunches and 3 sets of reverse crunches.  Every couple of weeks I’ve been adding a new exercise.  I’m working my way up to side planks and more arm & back strength exercises.  As with everything I do, I’m going slowly and pushing myself only so far as I think I can manage without causing myself too much soreness.  I am still following the One Hundred Push-up plan, and it’s a good fit for me and my attitude I think.  To be fair, I am repeating a week since I flaked out last Friday.

I’m gaining strength over time, though more slowly in some areas than others.  The biggest problem I’m having at this point is with motivating myself to do these workouts, particularly on Fridays.  It’s not as easy or instantly rewarding as the running has been thus far.  I know that in the long run it will be quite rewarding, but some days it’s harder to really believe deep down.  Still, I’ve only flaked out on one Friday since I started doing this, so that’s probably a good sign.

I’ve hit a bit of a plateau in my weight-loss, but I trust that this is because of a combination of a temporary slowing in adding distance to my Sunday runs combined with building a bit of muscle.  I’ve been able to notice a difference in how my clothes fit, so I’m quite certain that positive changes are continuing.  Some people maintain that measurements are a more reasonable metric to use under these circumstances, and I’m sure they’re correct.  However, I haven’t been measuring myself so far so it seems somewhat silly to start now unless I notice really significant changes in my overall shape that do not correspond to reasonably similar changes in weight.

All other goals aside, it’s only 148 days until the Missoula Marathon.  I still think I’ll be ready.


2 thoughts on “Core Training: My Enemy, My Friend

  1. Go Joni! I may need to start doing some exercise so that I am not as vicariously tired reading about your cross training routine. 😉

    No, really, I’m only half kidding. I was paying attention to the video Dan’d posted on G+ and the list towards the video. I may actually get off my butt, and may actually feel less vicariously tired reading about exercise if it seems less onerous to me and the best way for that to happen is if I get a bit stronger myself. (I was in great shape! Fifteen years ago.)

    If your clothes keep fitting better and better and you keep not losing weight, I’m just going to keep assuming you’re getting stronger rather than losing weight. Kinda kickass to be doing, actually…

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