Change is Good

I had a crazy week.  I had a report to generate that gives me fits every year.  I did my best to compile all the right data and handed it off to my boss, at which point we realized there was a problem and I had to re-do the second half. I got it done but my brain is fried.

When I got home this evening I just did not feel like doing my workout.  I argued with myself for a while and realized that part of my issue was that I just wasn’t in the mood to do push-ups.  So I decided to try dumbbell flyes instead.  As soon as I made that decision, I realized that my biggest problem was that I was bored with my workout, so I changed it up.  I did the dumbbell flyes, side planks, reverse crunches and hammer curls.  So clearly, change is good.

I’m really looking forward to getting out to run on Sunday.  It turns out that I was sorted into a faster training pace group than I should have been, because they didn’t know if I was doing the half or full marathon.  I am going to drop back into the 15 minute pace group on Sunday for our 7.5, but I’m considering staying with the 14 minute group on the shorter run weeks.  Regardless, I’m still focusing on fun, finishing and fitness rather than speed.

It’s 141 days until the marathon and I still feel like I can do this.  I wonder how I’ll feel on Sunday after my longest run yet.


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