7.5 Easy Miles

Today was finally our 7.5 mile run. This is officially the first run that I’ve done during class that was a longer run than I’d done on my own before class.  Also, it was easy.  It really felt great.  Our whole pace group seemed to agree about that, too.

This time I did run with the minute slower pace group (the 15s) and it’s probably good that I did.  We ran a 30s run to 45 second walk, and at times that seemed like too little running/too much walking.  But if you pay attention to Galloway’s “Running Injury Free” method, I think that when you feel like you could run more and could run faster, you’re probably doing it right.  It’s when you feel like you should have run less or should have run slower than you were doing too much, too fast, too soon.  I’m really looking forward to our 10 miler in two weeks, now.

Also, as a little hat tip to my ego I will admit, I was at the back of my pace group last week with the 14s, but this week I was right at the front so that was a nice feeling, in a weird way.

Some interesting things happened today. First, our class started with a local Ultra-runner and physical therapist presenting to our class. He made some suggestions about exercises for different areas of weakness we might encounter, and helped us get some idea of how to tell when the knee pain was actually a hip problem and such.

Secondly, about 6 miles into our run, I started to have a twinge in my right knee. This is the same knee that’s given me a bit of trouble in the past.  I think there might be a bit of an IT Band issue going on there, but it’s not all that bad yet.  I don’t have a foam roller yet, but I will probably get one in the nearish future.  In the mean time, a friend suggested that a rolling pin might help me out in the short term and darn it if he wasn’t right.  I came home & ran over the appropriate area with a rolling pin and it helped immediately.  I still think a foam roller is the way to go, because I will be able to get a lot deeper with that than with a rolling pin, but still, it was a great solution for today.  I’m also icing my knee, just to be safe.

I chatted a lot with my pace group leader today, since I was right at the front of the pack.  It was really interesting to hear how different things were last year, when our Galloway method runners were just starting out on their own, as opposed to how things are going this year with a more organized and directed class.  I think we’re really lucky to have these folks volunteer to lead and educate us this year, and I told him so.

When I got home after my run & logged my distance (7.51 miles) on Fitocracy, I was again reminded that these 5k and 10k races aren’t as long as they sound, when I got the 10k achievement.  I think there’s a good chance I’ll start racing once in a while after the marathon.  I don’t need to win. I don’t even need to finish first in my age group.  It just sounds like a fun thing to do.

For now, though, my focus is on the 139 days between now and the Missoula Marathon. I want to keep running, keep adding miles, keep getting more fit and keep having fun.  Fun, finishing and fitness, right?


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