Ten Miles Crossed and Conquered

Today was (and still is) a gorgeous day for a run. Blue skies and sunshine greeted us as we set our for our 10 mile run. After our 7.5 mile run two weeks ago, I was really looking forward to this run, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Our route master planned a slightly more difficult route for us this time, in that it actually had some minor hills in it. Hills are good for our endurance, so even though these were pretty mild hills, I appreciated them.

There are now three marathon training classes going on, one of which is for the Boston Marathon. They were also doing a long run today, though considerably longer than ours I’m sure, so we were able to share their aid station, just under half way through our run. I think it’s pretty cool that Run Wild Missoula is able to coordinate these sorts of things.

For this run I tried the Stinger Honey Gel mixed into one of my water bottles, rather than the gummy candies, as I mentioned previously. I was quite surprised to find how much I liked it. I think it really did the trick. I wasn’t hungry at all during my run, but I felt like I had proper energy all the way through. I’d like to try to find a recipe for making something like that for myself, but I want to have the B Vitamins in it, I think, which might be more difficult with a homemade solution.

After our run we gathered for snacks at our usual spot above the Runner’s Edge and I tried out the massage tool that I think is called The Stick. It’s a segmented plastic rod that you run up & down your calves (or other muscles). Considering how my calves feel right now (fine) I think that was a good idea. Also, since my feet started to get a little sore around 8 or 8.5 miles, I was really looking forward to using my new Foot Rubz massage ball when I got home. This thing is my new best friend. It feels really great on the feet and can also be used on hands and other places.

Next Sunday we’re extending our short (recovery) run to 4 miles and I’m quite pleased about that. I find that three miles just isn’t enough on Sundays. Though I imagine I’ll feel that way about 4 miles before long. We’re also doing our second Magic Mile. My goal for our second Magic Mile is to make it under 10 minutes. Considering I ran my first one at 10 minutes, 3 seconds, I’m pretty sure I can do it.

The countdown timer on the Missoula Marathon page says we have 125 days left before the marathon and I still feel confident that I can do this.  I guess we’ll see if I’m singing a different tune when we get to 20 miles. (Note: I don’t think I will be!)



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