Magic Mile Improvement!

Yesterday was a short (recovery) run Sunday.   We ran 4 miles total, including a Magic Mile.  My goal, as you may recall, was to come in at under 10 minutes and beat my previous time of 10:03 by at least 4 seconds.  My time, was 9:28!     That is a much bigger improvement than I expected, and probably the most dramatic I will see during this training cycle.

I plugged in my new time in the Galloway predictor page and I see that my new predicted race time is 5 hours and 22 minutes.   That’s still a pretty long marathon time.  I’m giving some thought to starting with the walkers, who start an hour early.  Since my goal for my first marathon is to finish, I think that might afford me the opportunity to enjoy some of the festivities at the end.

I also see that I may be moved into the 14 minute pace group, which is where I started out that first week, when they had me down for a half marathon.  I like the people in my pace group, though, so I’m not sure how I feel about that.  One thing I know for sure is that if I wanted to, I could stay in the slower pace group.  Perhaps I will decide based on who else is moving.

With 117 days to go before the marathon, and three more Magic Miles planned, I expect my predicted pace to improve somewhat.  I’ll hold off on deciding whether to start with the walkers or runners for now.


7 thoughts on “Magic Mile Improvement!

  1. You’re doing great Joni-kins! I admire your perseverance with this.

    Running is in no way, shape, or form easy. It’s painful, it’s bruising, and frankly, to me it’s scary. Whenever I run and I start breathing hard, I start to panic.

    Good on you that you’re pushing through it.

    • To be fair, I think I’m going to run the 15 miles (in two weeks) with the slower pace group. But I’ll probably run all the shorter Sundays with the faster one. 🙂

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