And She Just Keeps Getting Faster

A few nights ago I had a dream about running today’s Magic Mile.  I don’t recall most of it, but I do know that I was irritated with someone in my dream who was trying to encourage me to try to run my mile in under 9 minutes.  I told that person, “There’s no way I can break nine minutes, so just shut up about it.”

I really didn’t expect to have a very good Magic Mile today.  Due to various factors, I didn’t sleep all that well last night.  Also, during the first part of my mile, I had to stop and pickup my shirt that had fallen off (it was my over-shirt that had been tied around my waist, so that’s not as interesting as it sounds).  As I reached the half mile marker on my run this morning, I checked my timer and it was already over 5 minutes, so I felt sure I was going to run my mile between the 10:03 pace of my first mile and the 9:28 pace of my second MM.

As I took my final walk break, I glanced at my timer again and was so surprised by what I saw, that I don’t actually remember what it said, but it was no where near what I expected.  At that point, I took off.  I got a bit of a mental boost from seeing that I was faster than anticipated, and as I crossed the finish line and stopped my timer, I was absolutely astonished to see that I’d come in at 8:55.  I asked another runner to verify that I was actually reading my timer correctly.  I honestly did not expect that kind of time improvement again.

We have two more Magic Miles scheduled, and the directions at the Galloway site suggest taking your 4 most recent MM’s, throwing out the worst and averaging the other 3.  So it’s still too soon to make Galloway’s most accurate prediction for my marathon time and pace.  This MM alone puts me on pace for a 5 hour and 3 minute marathon, which I feel great about.  If I could break 5 hours, that would be pretty darned exciting for me.

After my run today, I joined many other runners from my class and the “traditional” class in the meeting space The Runner’s Edge lets us use.  There were snacks and holiday gift bags with gels & fizzes in them.  I also took the time to use the foam roller on my  IT Band and have decided that I will be buying my own foam roller asap.  It hurt like the dickens, but it relaxed my IT Band right up.

The marathon is 90 days away now.  Our next long run is 17.5 miles, a week from today.  I’m already looking forward to it.  It may kick my butt like the 15 miler did, but I’m okay with that.  Every time we add miles, we push our “wall” out that much farther.  For now, I’m happy with pushing it out to 26.2 in time for the marathon.


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