Sexy Seventeen (and a half)

Every run is different. Today’s run was 17.5 miles. It was raining nearly the whole time, but it was still a gorgeous run. The first half of our run took us through a local park and wooded area and it was so green and beautiful. It was also really nice to get off of the pavement for a while.

After about 4 miles in, I started to feel my right IT Band.  It didn’t hurt, but I could feel it. This concerned me, because it was so early on in our run.   Around mile 6, a few of us made a stop at a convenient restroom, unsure of where the next one would be. After we “sprinted” to catch up to our pace group, my IT Band felt fine. That little sprint seemed to work it right out and I didn’t feel it again during my run. I can feel it a bit now, but not much.

They say “the wall” pushes out a little farther with each long run, and it’s true.  The 17.5 miler today was easier for me than the 15 miler two weeks ago.

In addition to the slow buildup of miles, some other things that may have made a difference: Today, I made an effort to take in more calories during my run using a combination of a honey gel mixed into one of my water bottles and gummies. Also, I think my new breakfast is working out really well for me. My pre-run breakfast lately has been two eggs and a peanut butter sandwich on homemade socca bread. Socca is a flatbread made from garbanzo bean flower. The recipe I adapted is here. The important things are the warm water, and letting the batter rest in a tightly covered container for 30 minutes.  You can leave out the rosemary and onion, add different flavors and even make it sweet if you want.

In two weeks, we’ll be running our 20 miler.  26.2 is only a tiny bit farther than that.  I’m almost there an I’m feeling great.  I’m really excited about running the marathon in 83 days!

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