Recovery Runs are Nice

Today’s run was a nice 5 mile recovery run and it felt good.  The half marathon trainers had a 4 mile recovery run scheduled, but we were short on pace group leaders today so I think some of them opted to go out with full-marathon training groups that matched their paces. The reason we were short on pace group leaders and had fewer people in class today than usual is that a lot of folks went over to run Bloomsday in Spokane. It sounds like a fun run and it fits well with our training schedule. Next week is another 5 mile recovery run, with the possibility of a Magic Mile (we’ll still be short pace group leaders, so it’s up to us to decide). This might seem strange, but the Galloway training method is all about injury prevention, and when we get up to the high miles, we space our long runs out a bit farther.

A lot of the talk before and during our run this week was about our 20 mile run last week and our recovery experiences. It really surprises me to know that I seem to be having a much easier time with recovery than some of my classmates, even though many of them are more consistently active than I am. I suppose age could be a factor, but at 38 I’m not exactly a spring chicken myself. Many of my classmates were too sore to run on Tuesday, even those who took cold baths after our run. I was slow and my legs were tired, but I wasn’t too sore. If I’m doing something especially right, I don’t know what it is. I wish I did.

My new shoes are beginning to feel broken in. I don’t know that I’m ready to trust them on a long run, but I did the math last night, and I think that if I run all my short runs in the new shoes, my Asics should make it through the remaining long runs and the marathon. The Asics currently have 239 miles on them which means that after our 23 and 26 mile runs, they’ll be at 288. So I think that they’re in good enough shape. I will also have put about 84 miles on the Mizunos by then, at which point they may become my primary shoe for a while.

One thing I’ve learned about my own running needs is that I get overly thirsty and cranky if I don’t have water on any run over 3 to 3.5 miles. Some folks don’t bring water on our shorter runs, like today’s 5 miler. I really dislike feeling thirsty generally, and especially while running. I don’t seem to have to stop at the restrooms any more often than my classmates do, so I don’t think it’s really a problem.

Lastly, I cannot say enough good things about my foam roller.  I’ve been using it every few days, and always on Saturday evenings and my right IT Band feels fine. Every time I use it, it hurts less than before and I’m really to the point now where I only have one bad spot, which isn’t even all that bad.

Only 62 days left before the Missoula Marathon and I’m feeling pretty confident and very lucky. For those of you who are in Missoula, I sure hope you’ll consider coming out to cheer us on, especially later in the race after the fast people have gone by.  Us slow kids need love too.


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