Crazy Train

Last week we ran 26.2 miles. This week we ran 3.5 miles. It might seem weird, but it’s all part of recovering and being ready for the big race on July 8th. We were actually scheduled to run only 3 miles, but the extra half came in when we had to detour around a train that was rather strangely parked at an intersection. We ran a few blocks down and did the loop through the park backwards. Fortunately, the train was gone by the time we came to that intersection again.

Class was sparsely attended this morning, unsurprisingly. It’s Father’s Day and I think folks may have squeezed in their 3 mile yesterday or at some convenient time today on their own. We did have a new runner in our class today, though. A local newscaster came to run with us and will apparently be doing a story on the Galloway Training Method. She’ll be running the half marathon as well, so I assume she’s been training on her own or with her friends. Thankfully it was too early to bring a camera person along, so she’ll be getting film at a later time and I won’t be in it!

My recovery is going well. My legs are loosening up and feeling good. I mowed a very thick, overgrown lawn last night so I’m feeling that a bit, but I don’t think it’s going to cause me much trouble.

Our class leaders have decided to offer us a 14 mile run next Sunday. They thought having such a long break between our last long run and the marathon might be mentally difficult, without a mid-length run in between. Our long run should ideally have been today, but having the 26 miler scheduled for Father’s Day presented its own problems. I think this is a reasonable compromise and I’m looking forward to the 14 next week.

We also learned today that our wonderful pace group leader will be volunteering at the finish line. As much as I wish he was running with us, I am still thrilled to know that he’ll be there to see us finish. Throughout our class he really made a point to educate us and share as much of his experience and information as he could. On our long runs he would always keep tabs on us and make sure we were feeling alright. And of course, his super-awesome mobile aid station was an absolute life saver on our long run last week. I feel so lucky to have been in his pace group and I’m really glad I decided to stay, even after my magic mile time improved enough for me to move up a group.

I still feel confident about running the marathon in 20 days and 18 hours. I believe I mentioned that I’ve signed up for the 5:00am start time, with the walkers. Since we haven’t had much of a chance to acclimate to running in heat yet, I really think that was the best choice for me. I will miss my pace group buddies who are starting at 6:00am, but races are different than training classes anyway. We’re all on our own in the race, really. Starting with the walkers should help me keep my pace slower, too, rather than starting off too fast and using up too much energy too early on.


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