One Week to Go

Today was our final class run. A short six miles with the gang. There was a lot of chatter about race week strategy, eating well, getting hydrated and getting plenty of rest. Many runners are experiencing different aches and pains, so there was also a lot of discussion of how to manage or mitigate them.  I’m thrilled to have made it this far with only a minor IT Band issue that is easily managed through the use of my foam roller. I will probably spend the week being extremely careful so as not to get hurt crossing the street or on the stairs at work or anything. I don’t want anything to get in my way now!

The big race is Sunday. I know that I can do it, since I’ve already run that far. I imagine it will be warmer, so that will be a bit of a challenge, but since I’m starting at 5:00am, it won’t be that bad. The main difference for me is that I won’t be running with my buddies. I’m starting at 5, along with a few other people from my class, but most of the Rogue Pace Group will be starting at 6:00am. And frankly, even if we were starting at the same time it is a race, so ultimately, we’re all on our own.

I’m planning to bring along roughly the same nutrition that I brought for the 26 mile training run, perhaps with just a bit extra to be safe. I’ll also be bringing sunscreen and water. There are 19 aid stations in 26 miles.  Each aid station will have water and an electrolyte drink and three stations will have gels. However, I haven’t tried the specific gels or drink that the aid stations will have, and my guts get very sensitive on long runs, so I’m going to keep using what my guts are used to.

For those of my friends who are in town and might want to cheer me on once they’re up and about, I’ve done the math using my Magic Mile prediction to see roughly where I’ll be on the course at any time. I honestly feel that I will probably run more slowly, but so many people swear by the Magic Mile that I admit that I may be wrong. And in addition to my Magic Mile based prediction, I have decided to tweet from a few locations, later in the race, which should help my friends adjust their plans accordingly. The course map for the marathon shows where the aid stations are and shows the distances that they’re at. On the right hand side, the aid stations are all listed. I will be saving draft tweets in advance, with some of the aid stations and tweeting them to my jinmontana account. At the bottom of this post is a chart estimating my time for each of the 26 miles.  These are estimates and are intended as a first guess for when my friends should be at whatever spots on the course they’d like to be at. I couldn’t quite manage the tenths of seconds in my spreadsheet calculations, so my final time is 3 minutes short of my actual race prediction time, which also doesn’t account for heat or bathroom stops. Using this information as a starting point and my tweets to refine it, should make it easy to find me, if anybody wishes to.

If I run the pace that I tend to run when I’m by myself, add 2 minutes for each mile prior to the mile you’re interested, for a rough estimate. But we won’t really know that until we compare the times of my tweets to the predicted times, which is the whole reason I’ll be tweeting, really. It might seem silly, but I think it will be fun.

I’m as ready as I can possibly be at this point. This Wednesday is a national holiday (Independence Day) and I’ve got the day off, so I’ve opted to take Thursday and Friday off as well. I’ll be getting as much sleep as I can and really controlling my nutrition as best I can, so I can be at my best for race day.

Chances are, I’ll be too tired to post much beyond “I did it” after the race, so look for the review of my race experience on July 9th or 10th. I’ve got 6 days and 17 hours to go and I’m getting really excited, and a bit nervous.

See you at the finish line!

Mile 1 — 5:00 to 5:11 am
Mile 2 — 5:23 am
Mile 3 — 5:35 am
Mile 4 — 5:47 am
Mile 5 — 5:58 am
Mile 6 — 6:10 am
Mile 7 — 6:22 am
Mile 8 — 6:34 am
Mile 9 — 6:45 am
Mile 10 — 6:57 am
Mile 11 — 7:09 am
Mile 12 — 7:21 am
Mile 13 — 7:32 am
Mile 14 — 7:44 am
Mile 15 — 7:56 am
Mile 16 — 8:08 am
Mile 17 — 8:20 am
Mile 18 — 8:31 am
Mile 19 — 8:43 am
Mile 20 — 8:55 am
Mile 21 — 9:07 am
Mile 22 — 9:18 am
Mile 23 — 9:30 am
Mile 24 — 9:42 am
Mile 25 — 9:54 am
Mile 26 — 10:05 am

6 thoughts on “One Week to Go

  1. *dodgy cheerleader dance*

    Go Joni!
    Go Joni!
    Go Joni!
    Go Joni!

    Best of luck for Sunday, all this hard work, effort, and preparation will really be worth it. Sub 5 hour, easy-peasy!

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