500 Miles, Time to Start Flash Blogging

I haven’t been very consistent about blogging lately, have I? I also haven’t been very good about tracking my miles, since the marathon. As I was updating my spreadsheet I was surprised to realize that I crossed the 500 mile mark a couple of weeks ago. If I had been paying attention, I might have planned a special post to commemorate the milestone. Instead, I’m going to start a plan to get back into blogging by flash blogging. Every day or two I will make a post on a specific topic. Most of them will probably be pretty short.

The theme of this Blog Flash is Tips for New Runners. I am going to focus on things that my friends and class leaders taught me and things that I have learned that I wish I had known sooner.  A few of the things I plan to focus on are, shoes, socks, water belts, saving money and safety. I won’t be making much in the way of product recommendations. Mostly I’ll be talking about aspects that I find more or less useful and tips on finding what’s right for you.

As a fairly new runner myself, there will be quite a number of things I don’t know much about. I’m just sharing my experience and my opinions in the hope that they’ll help you find the right things to help you run happy. First up will be a post all about shoes.

Providing that the smoke doesn’t interfere with the Sweathouse Half Marathon, I’ll be running it on September 8th, and I’m looking forward to it.

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