Tips for New Runners – Blog About It

This post is a part of my blog flash series, Tips for New Runners. It is based entirely on my own experiences as a new runner and may be missing a lot of information. This series is intended to help my readers find what works for them by sharing what worked or didn’t work for me.

I highly recommend that you blog or journal your running experience. Even if you don’t intend it to be shared with others, writing about your experience can be helpful for your future self.

Firstly, there are many things you’ll experience as a new runner that your runner friends, class leaders, running store staff and running magazine writers have all forgotten about. Keeping track of those experiences can be useful to you later on, and also just help you remember your experience more clearly.

If you start to notice a strange, recurring pain that lasts more than a few days, be sure to include it in your journal or blog. It might seem silly, or complain-y, but it’s really not. One of the things that new runners sometimes have trouble with is telling the “growing pains” that come from building muscle and gaining strength, from actual injury pains. If you blog or journal about a pain you’re having you can keep better track of it and maybe have a better idea of when seeing a doctor or PT is necessary. You’ll also be able to provide them with a more accurate account of when the problem started and how it has changed or intensified, which could prove useful to them in treating you.

On a more positive side, blogging or journaling about your runs can serve as a way to bring back really positive memories, possibly more clearly than you could otherwise. Every so often, particularly if I’m feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, I will go back and read the posts I wrote about running the Missoula Marathon in July. (Part One & Part Two) Reading my own account of my experience brings those memories back with an amazing degree of clarity, and knowing that I can accomplish something like running a marathon can really help me combat those feelings of being discouraged or overwhelmed. You may find, even if your goals are 5k and 10k runs, that reading through a post or journal entry of a positive experience can help you when you’re feeling discouraged.

Also, if you find yourself injured or having to take a break from running for any reason, good or bad, having a record of some of the things you went through may prove useful when you’re starting up again or getting back on track. It can help you remember how you handled certain little aches and pains, and which ones you might not have to worry about as opposed to things that might be more serious. Reading back through your blog can also remind you that you can do this, because you have done it before.

And if you do decide to share your blog with others, it can be a really fun way to connect with other runners and maybe even help out another newbie along the way.

Happy Running!

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