In Which the Author is a Bad Example

Before I tell you about today’s class and my extra running, I want to ask you, for the love of Batman, please do not follow my example. Please.

I got a late start out the door this morning, so when I realized halfway down my street that I hadn’t brought my pepper spray, I didn’t have time to turn back for it. I get a bit paranoid when I run alone, and there were just enough other people out between my house and our meeting place to make me more paranoid, rather than less. As a result of that, I ran faster than I should have for the 2.4 miles to get to class. Not such a big deal, except I ended up doing more running after class, too.

Class went well today. We still started out a little fast, which I seem to recall doing last year. But we slowed it down as we went along, and I think we came out with a pace in between that of our two groups, which should be fine for these low mile runs. I tried to chat with more of our pace group members, but being shy and awkward I was not entirely successful at that. All in all, though, it was a good run.

At some point during the morning I found out that one of the other pace group leaders would be doing additional miles afterward, as part of training for the Snow Joke, and I decided to join in on that. I haven’t been getting out on my long runs as much as I planned lately (holidays, life, and so forth), so I’m behind on training up for the Snow Joke. Or, at least I was.

I hadn’t really planned things out in my head very well, though, and I ended up going farther than I probably should have. I ran just over 14 miles all together, in 4 segments, with small breaks in between. Given that I haven’t run farther than 6 miles in… I’m not sure how long, that wasn’t the wisest thing to do. But my last 3.5 miles I took it very slow and very easy, so I hope my body won’t mind too much.

When I got home, I had a chocolate yogurt right away (I’m thinking of adopting the Brown Cow Cream Top Chocolate yogurt as my new recovery snack) and put my compression sleeves on. (I wish I’d worn those on my run today.) I think I may give my feet and ice bath later, but sadly I don’t have a bath tub, so I can’t do a full ice bath. I will also endeavor not to sit down for too long at a stretch. I don’t want to stiffen up.

So between running faster than training pace on my first 2.4 miles, and running farther than I really should have, I broke a couple of the Galloway rules today. I expect to pay for it in some stiffness and soreness, but I don’t feel any other issues at the moment. Hopefully, nothing will crop up.

So the Snow Joke is in 20 days and the Missoula Marathon is in 160 days. I’m still super excited to help my pace group buddies make it to the marathon. Happy running!

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