First Magic Mile of the Season or Where Was Everybody?

Today in our Galloway class we ran a short run with a Magic Mile. If you’re new to the blog, the Magic Mile is a tool that Galloway uses to predict race performance and recommended training pace. It’s an important element to the Galloway method, particularly when training for the longer distances such as a full or half marathon.

Since I have yet to actually race in any of the races I’ve run (I just run for fun and profit) I can’t speak to it’s accuracy from my own experience. However, pretty much everyone I’ve spoken with who has used it as a race prediction tool has said that it’s worked really well.

Going in to today’s magic mile my biggest concern was running at a time that would keep me in my current pace group, and I accomplished that neatly. I ran a 9:10 magic mile, which gives me a 13:55 marathon training pace, so being in the 14 minute pace group works out perfectly for me.

The thing that worried me today was seeing how many people didn’t make it to class. I don’t know if they’ve dropped out all together, or if they just didn’t think the short run & magic mile were important enough to get up early for, but I’m a little sad that they didn’t make it to class today. In particular, I’m concerned about the people I’m pretty sure have been running in the wrong (too fast) pace group already. I had hoped that their MM time would get them sorted into the proper group, but if they don’t have an MM time, that’s not going to work very well.

A part of me doesn’t understand signing up for and then paying for the Galloway class (It’s a $99 class) and then choosing to disregard the training method. But I suppose it’s really no different than joining a gym and then not going. Our class did start in January, so perhaps what I’m seeing is people giving up on their New Year’s Resolutions. ¬†However, I worry that some of it is because they’ve already hurt themselves by running in the wrong pace group. Preventing injury is a huge part of the Galloway method and the magic mile and recommended training pace factor heavily into that. These folks who insist on running faster than their recommended training pace are increasing their risk of injury quite a lot. I just don’t get it.

On the brighter side, next week, we will finally be joined by the half marathon part of our class. I think it will be fantastic to see everyone, and heartening to have a big group again. Some of my buddies from last year have dropped back to the half for this year, so it will also be really nice to see them again, even on those weeks when we’re not running together.

I am still so thankful that I found was pushed toward the Galloway method. It is absolutely the perfect fit for me and I’ve met some really wonderful people because of it. The countdown clock on the Missoula Marathon page today says 132 days and 18 hours. I’ll be ready!