About Me

My name is Joni.  I’m 38 and I’ve never been any kind of a runner in my life, until I was introduced to the Galloway run/walk/run method.  The first night I tried it (11/30/11) I was hooked.

I’m also a big nerd.  I love science fiction and fantasy.  Some favorite authors are Asimov, Heinlein & Pratchett. Some favorite TV Shows would be Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and all things Whedon, especially Firefly.

Prior to receiving a copy of my marathon training schedule, one of my biggest worries was that there would be a long run the weekend of MisCon, the local scifi convention.  As it turns out we only have a 6 mile run that Sunday!  Huzzah!

I love using Fitocracy as a tracking and motivational tool.   It reminds me a lot of WoW or something similar with its point system, levels, achievements and quests.

This blog is about my quest to run the 2012 Missoula Marathon.

Something else you should know, is that my friend Sean Young (not the actress, but a Browncoat friend of mine) is the person who suggested the excellent name for this blog.  Thanks Sean!

4 thoughts on “About Me

    • A lot easier. 😀 But next year’s goal race, which I’ll post more about soon, is the Pengelly Double Dip, which actually goes up that M trail and keeps going up the mountain and then across the ridge, down the mountain and up & down the next mountain over. 😀

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